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finally, music industry education from an industry professional that you’ll actually enjoy!

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    The Recorded Music Industry

    Course Overview The Recorded Music Industry – Everything You Wanted To Know About The Recording Biz The Lowdown This course will take you – the musician –  through the historic and very exciting world of recording music, otherwise known as…

    Music Industry General Knowledge – Part 2

    Course Overview Music Industry General Knowledge – Part 2 – The How, When, Why & What of the Music Industry. The Lowdown The purpose of this course is to help you better understand (or at least give you glimpse into)…

    Music Industry General Knowledge – Part 1

    Course Overview Music Industry General Knowledge – Part 1 – The How, When, Why & What of the Music Industry. The Lowdown The purpose of this course is to help musicians, aspiring artist managers or potential booking agents to better…

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    With over 30 years of music industry experience, Ben Steer and the Continuous Music team will provide you with the right tools to start or further your music career. Continuous Music aims to provide you with all the necessary skills to give you a great introduction and understanding of the music business, as well as interviews with music industry contemporaries and lessons covering all aspects of the music industry, to provide you with sound music industry knowledge.


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    Course Overview Marketing – Why I Need To Understand The Market The Lowdown By undertaking this course you will discover that marketing is really about the process of exchange. You, as an act or manager (or both) will learn about…

    Artist & Repertoire

    Course Overview Artist & Repertoire – The Business of Recognising Talent The Lowdown In this course we will be looking at how A&R and talent spotting are very much an essential part of the music & entertainment structure. Everybody wanting…

    Artist Management

    Course Overview Artist Management – What It Takes To Build Careers The Lowdown In this course, we will help you understand the role of that all-important person in the music/entertainment industry: the artist manager. Artist managers can also be referred to…

    Collection Societies

    Course Outline Collection Societies The Lowdown What’s a collection society and why do we have them? The key players – who collects the income from the copyrights in songs? Which is the collection society that administers and collects the mechanical…

    Ben Steer is one of the top Music Business Management educators in the world, with a huge career in the Australian Music industry and having worked in Music Business Education at the highest level. Ben’s development of Continuous Music has provided a short cut of information and tools for Music Industry hopefuls, rolling a career’s worth of knowledge and information into one place and allowing both the new and experienced to learn what they need to know to achieve their goals and be successful in the Music Industry.

    Mickey Pye Owner , Bathurst Academy of Music . Recording Artist and touring musician.
    Rick Grossman Signing On Stage

    “I’ve known Ben for many years now through different bands that I’ve played in. Ben’s background has been working with the great record companies and in various departments. For instance; promotion, A&R and publicity. He has a great love of music from both as a fan and from a commercial point of view. I would like to mention Ben’s particular ability to connect with any band on any level. He has a great rapport with every band he’s worked with. I wish him all the best with Continuous Music – it’s such a great idea”.

    Rick Grossman, Hoodoo Gurus
    Black And White Picture Of Thomas Macokatic
    “I met Ben as a mature age student. Right from the get go he had my attention as you could tell he has a wealth of experience within the music industry and how it works. Safe to say having Ben as a lecturer throughout my time as a mature age student kept me sane and wanting to continue attending. His passion and knowledge of the industry is infectious and refreshing in such a competitive field of work.  I could not have gone through the years I spent in tertiary learning without having a teacher as great as Ben”.
    Thomas Macokatic, Musician