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5 Things You Need To Do To Self-Manage Successfully

Today, being a self-managed artist means many things. You have to perform many roles – not just write and play your music but learn how to run a business as well.

So ask yourself: why have you made the decision to manage your own career? Is it because you can’t confidently put your trust (just yet) in someone else to get your career as a musician right? Maybe the right person just hasn’t crossed your path?

Being a self-managed artist is really two things. Firstly, It’s about wanting to have the best band/act ever. Secondly, it’s about turning that passion into a business by understanding the business – the business of music.

Remember this: if you get really good at managing your own act and it becomes a worthwhile business, then you will immediately start attracting the attention of professional managers!

The Self-Managed Artist or Act

The 5 Things You Need To Do To Self-Manage Successfully:

1. Define Your Goals, Set Some Timelines & Work Out What Your Objectives Are

Have a good think about why you’re doing this. What do you want to achieve? Have you got a game plan? Do you want to make money, make history or just satisfy your creative needs?

2. Get To Know The Music Business – Inside & Out

Educate yourself constantly about the music industry. Read as much as you can, find out who makes the big decisions and what the trends are. Know what’s selling, what’s not, and why.

3. Get Some Management Systems In Place

Find yourself a good accountant. Understand how taxation works and be across your financials. Establish some invoicing systems, start a booking profile and really work on your socials.

4. Start Building A Network

Seriously, networks are what makes the world go round – particularly in the music and entertainment industries. Remember the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.” Start compiling lists – lists of people, managers, media, booking agents, production companies, etc. Reach out and grab contact details!

5. Define Your Act Or Band

Articulate who you are. Write a bio on the band. Start thinking about what it is that you have. What’s your unique sell or point of difference? What’s your logo and image, and what’s unique about your sound? Look at bands that impress and think about what it is you like about those acts. What do YOU have? What are your creative assets? 

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