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5 Things You Need To Know When Searching For An Artist Manager To Manage Your Act/Band

So the time has finally come, huh? You need an artist manager for your act and you need one quick. Your band is really starting to take off. You’re gathering momentum.

The phone keeps ringing and there are endless things always to be done. The booking agent needs an answer, the merch is running late, that huge festival in Coffs Harbour looks like falling through, and the PA isn’t booked yet. It never stops!

More importantly, you need help. You also need networks and you need a solid understanding of business to progress your career  – perhaps from an indie band to something much more. You need someone who can let you get on with making music, which is what you do best. You need someone who can work on a short-term and long-term strategy. You need someone to take you from hobby band to career band.

You need an Artist Manager!

Band or act manager

The 5 Things You Need To Know When Searching For An Artist Manager to Manage You:

1. Does Your Manager Know The Business?

The business of the music industry or the entertainment industry. Are they brand new or have they been around and involved in the business of music? Are they going to learn the industry at your expense? Are they across the business or are they someone who just wants to hang out with a band?

2. Has Your New Manager Ever Managed Acts Before? 

If yes, how successful (or not) were those acts? Why are they not working with those acts anymore? Ask around and do some checking. Ask lots of questions.

3. Can Your Manager Build The Best Possible Team For Your Career? 

By this, I mean that a manager is a team builder. They should be building a great team around your act: the best booking agent, merchandising company, music publisher, etc. Are they capable of putting the best crew together to help you realise your dream or vision?

4. How Good A Communicator Are They? 

How important is communication in business? Super important! Think about this: your manager will be doing the communicating for you in business to a lot of people. They will be speaking on your behalf. Is your manager capable of communicating your creative vision and will they be able to negotiate on your behalf at many different levels in the music industry?

5. How Good Is Your Manager In Business? Do They Understand The Business? 

Can they do ‘the business’? Do they have a business head on their shoulders, an eye for detail, and a good nose for an amazing opportunity? Do they understand the business of music?

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