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Album & Gig Review – Hatchie – ‘Keepsake’.

Ben’s Album Review:

Brisbane singer Harriett Pilbeam, otherwise known as Hatchie, has created something here quite beguiling, engaging and magical. 

This is her debut album, a move up sonically and artistically from her first EP titled ‘Sugar & Spice’. Album length has given Hatchie much more room to stretch out and explore herself, all but in an elegant but subtle fashion.

Hatchie’s vocals are dreamy and hazy and weave in and out of the excellent Cocteau Twins-like production. Her songwriting is first class.

‘Without a Blush’ is a very synth-pop track, full of great jangly guitars, reminiscent of The Cure or Echo & The Bunnymen.

‘Secret’ pays homage to great dream-pop bands like The Sundays or Mazzy Star.

Already big on the international touring and festival market, Hatchie is bound for a very certain place: firmly in the world of dream-pop.

Highly recommended!

Hatchie plays Field Day Sydney Domain January 1, 2020

Gig Review – by Emily Warren: Oxford Arts Factory, Thurs 17 October 2019

Following Hatchie’s 2018 EP album ‘Sugar & Spice’ comes the full-length ‘Keepsake’; which she is now taking on tour across Australia, playing at twelve venues including three festival gigs. 

I went along to Hatchie’s first stop on her tour at the Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, where she played her debut show. Herself and her band brought an aura of unreal ambiance to the small and intimate venue. Her stage presence was captivating, and absolutely everyone was drawn to her girlish looks and dreamy vocals. 

The room was nearly full (which is pretty good for a Monday night) and the crowd was having a blast, singing along to all of the songs, bringing the whole venue alive with happiness and hoopla.

I hadn’t yet listened to ‘Keepsake’ before attending this gig, although you will now find me playing this album on repeat as her voice creates a vibe that makes you want to chill and dance, all at the same time. It’s a show that will make you want to go see her again and again as she draws you into her whimsical world. 




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