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Album & Short Film Review – The National – ‘I Am Easy To Find’.

I urge anyone listening to this album, or about to listen to it, or interested in listening to it at some point, to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch the short film that accompanies it – right here: https://iameasytofind.com/watch/. You will hear the album in a different light, and the lyrics will mean completely new things to you than they did before.

The fact that one didn’t come before the other (the music and the film) – that they were made in conjunction with each other, is very rare and pretty amazing. The filmmaker Mike Mills, (‘Beginners’) used snippets of cast-off songs from the band to shape the film, and of course, samples those songs in it. Then Mills ended up helping the band produce the new album, based on the short film. Chicken or egg, short film or album?

Matt Berninger (lead singer of The National) has said that he doesn’t really think that the album and the short film have a “feminine slant” to them, but I beg to differ. There are female choral voices on the album and the short film, in very simple terms, is all about a woman’s life. This is surely not coincidental?…

I also think it’s interesting that there is a song on their 2013 album ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ called ‘I Am Hard To Find’, now this album is called ‘I Am Easy To Find’… All this being lost and then found must be exhausting. Still, it makes for a beautifully melancholy album and short film that speak to each other. They are both extremely poignant. Watch and listen (not necessarily in that order) to them when you have time to ponder and reflect, possibly with a good scotch whisky in hand. 

-Shannon Benton




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