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The HSC is over! Now what?…

The 2019 results are in and your HSC is over. Now what?

How many times have you said to yourself lately “What am I going to do with my life now school is over”?

After 13 years at school, its finally over. You may not think this will happen to you but along with everyone you meet these days, you will start to ask yourself a little more often “What am I going to do with my life?”. We have all been there once or twice in our lives and now is an exciting time for you as you test and trial new things and sample what life has to offer. 

We have a few ideas that can help you find your way after school.


First things first. Take the time to breathe, reminisce and celebrate that school is finally over! Whatever the future brings, and before you jump into the next stage of life, take some time for yourself to sleep in, eat junk food, stay up late and watch way too much Netflix while hanging out with your friends. It’s summer after all, so take some lazy days out and relax at the beach. Your life is about to become more complicated with decisions around internships, apprenticeships, work experience, finding a full time or part-time job, deciding whether you take a gap year or just start tertiary education… So, before you start making these decisions, take a little time out.


You may or may not have received the ATAR result you wanted and emotions are running high (good and bad). Just remember, – you as a person are not defined by your ATAR or your exam results. Read them fast, read them once and don’t make any snap decisions based on these results.

Whatever you decide to do, your exam marks are only one part of that journey and all roads will lead you to your ultimate destiny. If you didn’t get the results you need or want, you know you did the best you could and so do your friends and family. If you got the results you wanted, then kudos to you! All those sleepless nights and missed parties due to assignment deadlines have paid off and congratulations are in order. Well done!


While you have some time, think about what type of work you want to do, whether it be a part or fulltime job or even freelance work. A job could bring you in some money to fill up your car with fuel or take a long break on a Fijian island. 

You need to plan out how you will get the opportunity for a part-time or a full-time job. The first place to start is with an updated resume or a personal profile document showing your ambition and perseverance to start some meaningful and lucrative employment. 

Ask your parents or friends if they know of any jobs or even walk the shops and see if anyone’s hiring. There are also hundreds of job boards you could start with by uploading your resume and cover letter. 

Checkout some entry-level no experience job boards 

  1. Skillsroad
  2. Gumtree
  3. Job Seeker
  4. JobServe
  5. Neuvoo
  6. Salon Staff
  7. Adzuna
  8. THEunijobs
  9. SpotJobs. SpotJobs is Australia’s number one job site for entrylevel, part-time, and casual work.
  10. Linkedin 

Having your own income and some extra money in the bank can give you some well-earned freedom to start a savings trust, buy your first home or take off on that Contiki holiday to Europe.

It’s now time to celebrate!

This is a special time of your life. No matter how you choose to celebrate, whether with your family or with a bunch of mates at the local, you need to let your hair down and brush off the exam pressure and just have some fun. You deserve it and you’ve earned it.


You don’t really need them anymore, do you? Sell them on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or in a classifieds section somewhere. There will always be a market for second-hand books. so take that step to some easy money.

Whatever you choose to do this festive season, take the time to find yourself, do some self-development, try out a new hairstyle or start planning for your future at Continuous Music. Celebrate and chillax as next year will come soon enough!

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